Mark Birkin

is Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy at Leeds, and PI of MoSeS.

Michael Batty

is Bartlett Professor of Planning, Director of CASA at UCL and PI of GeoVUE

Martin Clarke

is Professor of Geography at Leeds and Director of Twenty PLC

Paul Longley

is Professor of Geographic Information Science, runs the UCL SPLINT Project, and Deputy Director of CASA at UCL

Alison Heppenstall

is Research Associate in Geography at Leeds, working on the SECSE Project

Sir Alan Wilson

is Professor of Urban and Regional Systems in CASA at UCL

Jie Xu

is Professor of Computing at leeds and directs the White Rose Grid

Anthony Steed

is Reader in Computer Science at UCL

Andy Turner

is Research Associate & Deputy Director, Centre for Computational Geography at Leeds

Andy Hudson-Smith

is Research Fellow in CASA and leads the Virtual London project

Paul Townend

is Research Fellow in Computing at Leeds

Richard Milton

is Research Associate at UCL working on the GeoVUE project

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