CASA & CSAP S4 Modelling Tour Workshop

CASA (with our partners in CSAP at Leeds) hosted a two day workshop on the 8th and 9th January 2009. The first day was designed to showcase our use of new Web 2.0 technologies for mapping and visualizing information about cities; the second day involved technical workshops on simulation. The workshop  was part of the of the S4 European Spatial Analysis network modelling tour.
Over 150 people both from the public and private sector came to the event from all across Europe. The first day of the event was designed to showcase CASA’s use of new technologies for mapping and visualizing information about cities and was entitled “Geographic Information in a Web-Based World.” Talks ranged from introducing GMapCreator and MapTube which enable web-based mapping for sharing and visualising geographic information, to public engagement via the London Profiler, Public Profiler and the E-Society Classification websites. The geography and ethnicity of people’s names was explored which introduced the WorldNames and Onomap websites.
Other talks on the first day explored the use of MapTube and GMapCreator for Crowdsourcing near-real time spatial surveys and understanding crowdsourced geographical information via the analysis of OpenStreetMap. On a more data oriented side, there were talks on exploring urban data collection and mapping, analysing and visualising fine scale urban form and socio-economic datasets. The day concluded with a talk by Andrew Hudson-Smith from Digital Urban on Web 2.0 and neogeography in real and virtual spaces: from geocaching through to Second Life.

The second day of the workshop was entitled “Developments in Urban Models, Simulation and Spatial Analysis” and talks ranged from: rank clocks and scaling in city sizes, geodemographics, retail modelling, the need to capture urban form patterns and processes in agent-based models, pedestrian modelling, consumer behaviour, microsimulation and 3D visualisation and communication of agent-based models.
Click here to see the full program and to download the presentations.

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