GMapCreator and Google API v3

I’ve created a new html template for the GMapCreator that uses Google’s API v3. In addition to not requiring the API key which is locked to the URL, this also means that you can take advantage of Google’s new styled maps base layers and Fusion table overlays.

The following map shows UK geology as the green overlay with a styled base layer called ‘Moody’:

The green data overlay shows UK geology from GMapCreator tiles while the base layer is using the 'Moody' style

Thanks to Steven Gray for the Moody style:

The GMapCreator template for creating Google API v3 maps can be downloaded from the following link: 

(you need to right click and ‘save as’, otherwise it will open in the browser).

Select this as the html template in the GMapCreator and it will create Google API v3 maps from shapefiles automatically. I’ll post some alternative base map styles once I’ve had a chance to experiment with it some more.

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